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Restart Deluge!: Deluge 1! by: Ariel Schnee

Rules for the episodes of the Restart Deluge!

  1. A rules episode of the Restart Deluge! is comprised of these rules as the episode body, followed by the first five episode options labeled "Restart" and the sixth option labeled "Deluge!". The HTML formatting for these rules must be preserved.

  2. The options labeled "Restart" are extended to begin new Addventure stories. The option labeled "Deluge!" is extended to create another rules page of the Deluge!.

  3. All rules episodes extended from the Restart Deluge! must-and only rules episodes extended from the Restart Deluge! may-have "Restart Deluge!" as the thread name.

  4. Only one rules episode of the Deluge! may have one or more unextended "Restart" options. All episodes of the Deluge! must have at least one "Restart" option extended.

This has been copied from the old AnimeAddventure site.

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Posted: 2018-01-27 12:13:44 -6 gmt


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