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In fearfilled day by: Stephen

Fandom: worm

In Fearfilled Day

Taylor's scream reflected off the metal back wall of the locker. The putrid smell of the fermented rotting mess at her feet burned at the back of her throat as she twisted about trying to find the leverage to push against the locked door. Scraping her hands in the process. The bell rang and she could hear the hall outside emptying as her tormentors and the crowd left for their next class.

In her panic she didn't notice the pulsing from her necklace. A crystal pendant her mother had once worn until she had tearfully asked her dad for it before closed the casket. The with each panicked breath, and plea for help, the pulse grew stronger until it flared into brilliant blue light that shocked her into silence for a moment.

Enclosed in the locker as she was, she couldn't move, each step caused a fresh wave of the putrefying stench as the disgusting noise of her sneaker squishing into the used tampons and pads that had been left there. She couldn't adjust her arms to reach the necklace, could barely move her head to look down at the glow beneath her shirt. She panicked again banging against the inside of the locker for all she was worth heedless of the sharp edges to the metal.

The glow brightened.

Brilliant blue light flared and she felt the crystal move beneath her shirt floating up until it broke free of the metal fitting that held it. The light now pulsed with every panicked beat of her heart. Had anyone remained to observe her torment they would've seen the blue light flaring from the vents in the locker. Taylor however was no longer in darkness, her eyes were drawn to the center of the shard of crystal as it seemed to grow before her eyes. The metal walls of the locker reflecting the sound of every breath loudly.

The crystal expanded almost organically with each pulse it was slow at first and then faster, until it filled the empty space between her and the locker, and then it touched her skin and her vision blanked.

A ringing clang sounded throughout the hall as something impacted one of the lockers from the inside. There was a pause, and then another impact. The locker door groaned in protest, buckling as it was pushed outward. Then a third impact and lines of blue energy spiderwebbed their way around the door from the gaps. The metal bars running from the lock to the top and bottom of the door deformed, bending under the stress. The stress of the fourth and final impact caused the rivets holding the hinges in place to deform.

The figure of Taylor Hebert stepped out of the space inside the locker, there was an idealized resemblance to the girl who'd been shoved within barely an hour prior. As though she was made out of molten glass or crystal, though the inner glow was blue instead of red. The locker door now separated from the whole, hung in the air a few feet away.

Taylor had only one thought on her mind as instinct was at the driver's seat, an overwhelming desire to get away from the locker, to get away from her tormentors, to get away from Winslow.

The figure turned, towards the doors at the end of the hall. The door seemed to be caught in her aura or something as the sparks of blue energy crackled across it with her every movement. She took one step and then another, her feet never seeming to quite touch the ground.

As she moved, she sped up until she was through the open door into the stairwell, the crumpled locker door seemed to follow behind her as she reached the roof access door, the electronics on the panic bar long disconnected by the gang element of the school. She didn't react as a spark of blue energy leapt from the locker door when it got too close to the railing simply pushing the door open and jumping into the cold january sky.

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