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Self Insert Kid by: Stephen

Fandom: To be determined

I awoke to the sound of the alarm and had this feeling that I was in the wrong place. It was backed up by the room being darker than I'd expected. Back when I first started working I had picked up a cheap outlet timer, the sort of thing normally used for decorations and lights around Christmas and Halloween. My use case though was to plug in my bedside lamp and set it to automatically power on roughly around the same time as my alarm. The alarm currently buzzing from somewhere to my left was lower in pitch, and the gloomy lighting in the room came from the early morning glow outside the window, and the glowing red of the digital clock.

I rolled over and pushed myself up off the bed and grumbled at the digital clock, showing ten after six. The pre-dawn shadows of the room combined with the lingering haze of the dreaming as it pulled at my conscious mind, only to be countered by another loud buzz from the clock, reminding me of just why I'd made a point to setup that timer outlet to begin with. It's a proven fact that it's easier to wake up and stay awake in the presence of light, more noticeably with the blue wavelengths emitted by fluorescent tube lights. Haltingly, I felt my way to the edge of the bed and reluctantly shed the warmth of the blanket.

As my feet hit the floor, I realize something else, I'm shorter, and skinnier than I should be. I mean, I wouldn't have considered myself to be a big person but having been six foot three and two hundred pounds, the difference is noticeable, and jarring.

"What the…" I start to say only to stop, at the sound of my own voice. I am most definitely awake now, thank you, is the snarky thought that makes its way across my mind as I run my hands over the clock looking for the off button. It's conveniently located on the top, I almost press the longer more prominent button before remembering that the longer one is most likely the snooze if this alarm clock follows the normal convention, the button to end the alarm until tomorrow should be smaller and to one side or the other.

And there's a bedside lamp, which means I didn't have to leave the warmth of the blankets to get shed some light on the room. I feel my way up the lamp to the push tab and instinctively shield my eyes before pushing the switch.

"Let there be light," I joked to myself, straightening up to look around the room.

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Posted: 2018-10-19 22:27:47 -6 gmt


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