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Traps by: dogbertcarroll

Fandom: Naruto

"I blame you for this, dobe," Sasuke said from inside the small chicken cage they were stuffed in, his face pressed against the wire.

"How was I supposed to know he'd be able to beat us as a chicken?!" Naruto complained, his head wedged into the corner, slightly muffling him.

"He's a Jounin!" Sasuke said. "Of course I should have thought of that before we attempted to coral him."

"Who's wiggling their fingers?" Sakura asked.

"Err, that was me, sorry," Naruto apologized.

"I didn't say stop," Sakura muttered almost too quiet to hear.

"We are going to practice escape and evasion attempts till we can handle something like this or it kills us!" Sasuke swore, wincing at the way Sakura's foot pressed against his kidney.

The Rooster on top of the cage ignored them as he balanced on one leg and read the orange book he held with the other.

"I think I can get us out of this," Naruto said.

"Let me hear the plan first," Sasuke said.

"I can think of two ways," Naruto said. "One I can dispel the transformation jutsu on Kakashi and he'll let us out if for no other reason than to make us run laps around Konoha."

"And two?" Sasuke asked.

"I make a shadow clone and it lets us out," Naruto replied.

"There isn't??? huh, that makes sense," Sakura said. "A clone would form outside the cage since there isn't enough room in it."

"I think two would be best," Sasuke said. "I think it'll be safer to get some distance from Kakashi when he changes back to let him cool down a little."

"Shadow clone jutsu it is," Naruto agreed.

The first several clones were all pecked to death by the rooster, so Naruto had to flood the area with clones, one of the several hundred clones flooding the park managed to lure the Rooster away by pretending to have his book, despite the fact that the rooster still had it in his claws. Apparently there were some mental effects to the transformation.

"Yes!" Sakura cried out as Naruto made one final batch of clones and they managed to fumble the latch open.

Sasuke tumbled out and quickly started trying to get the kinks out and restore blood flow so he could flee.

Naruto did likewise but paused as he saw Sakura lying on the floor too numb to move. He quickly scooped her up.

"Retreat!" Sasuke ordered as they fled their sensei turned chicken.

"What did you plan to do once he was in the cage?" Sakura asked as Naruto carried her.

"Find someone else to train us," Naruto replied, not even out of breath. "Technically our jounin is unable to train us, meaning we can request an alternate from the Hokage's tower."

"We don't need him in a cage for that to be true," Sasuke said, "we can get an alternate trainer now."

"To the tower," Naruto agreed cheerfully as they changed directions.


The Hokage and Irukawiped tears of laughter from their eyes.

"Most surprising ninja of his generation," Iruka said proudly.

Typing by: Bankrupt Samurai!

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Posted: 2018-01-27 12:13:44 -6 gmt


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