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More fun with Henge/Polyjuice. by: rorschach's blot

Fandom: Naruto

"You may have noticed that I give you a lot more training than I do the other two," Kakashi begin. "Did you ever wonder why"?

"No," Sasuke replied. "It is evident that you act as you do because of my greater potential."

"Nope," Kakashi laughed. "It's cause you might be my son."

"Mother cheated on father with you"? Sasuke muttered in shock. "No, it can not be true, everyone has treated me as I deserve to be treated since a young age."

"Yep, for the same reason too."

"You mean to say . . ."

"Her husband was a giant dick and was useless in bed so your mother figured, what the hell, why not kill three birds with one stone. Slept with almost everyone in the village so she could have a bit of fun, give you an advantage due to the fact that everyone in the village thinks they might be your dad, and it also prevented her husband from reproducing. Some say it was the shock of finding out that drove your brother to murder the rest of the clan."

"Then . . . then why do women treat me well as well"? Sasuke asked desperately, frantically trying to find a hole in his teacher's story.

"Nostalgia would be my guess, she had one hell of a tongue," Kakashi said with a creepy grin on his face. "The things she could do with it, the places it would go. Woman had no limits when it came to that sort of thing, up for anything and I do mean anything."

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Posted: 2018-01-27 12:13:44 -6 gmt


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