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ADD/Hyper2 by: dogbertcarroll

Fandom: Naruto


"What are you doing?" Sakura asked as she watched Naruto very carefully draw a circle in chicken's blood and place a hair in the center after burying a series of dominoes covered with strange symbols.

"Trap," Naruto replied, tapping the ground with a finger and causing everything to vanish as if a genjutsu had been cast to hide it.

"I know that, I mean what kind of trap," Sakura said.

"According to a real old book I found it's a transformation trap that should 'Polly Morph'," Naruto pronounced the word carefully, "the target into a chicken."

"You can't turn our sensei into a chicken," Sakura said rolling her eyes.

"But we need the eggs!" Sasuke blurted out.

Naruto and Sakura tensed and stared as Sasuke in opened mouth shock before busting up laughing.

"As I was saying, you can't turn Kakashi into a chicken because you suck at genjutsu and I seriously doubt there's a ninjutsu for it or that you know it if there is one," she finished.

Naruto leaned against the chicken cage he'd brought. "Everything I needed to do was explained in exact detail unlike the papers I got in the academy. It was even easier to follow than the shadow clone jutsu."

Sasuke and Sakura moved back from the trap, as they remembered that despite being dead last in class, he had learned a very high level jutsu in a mater of hours.

"How long will he be a chicken?" Sasuke asked.

"Two to four hours," Naruto replied. "I wanted to make sure I had the technique down before experimenting with the longer lasting versions."

"How long lasting?" Sakura asked carefully.

"Until dispelled or preset trigger conditions are met," Naruto replied. "I need to learn the dispel, so if something goes wrong I can undo it quickly.

"You don't really think it'll work, do you, Sasuke?" Sakura asked.

"It's insane, no one else would ever come up with it, and it would take a miracle to pull off," Sasuke said. Sakura looked relieved and Naruto hurt before he finished, "I'd say there's a better than even chance he can do it."

Sakura immediately turned to Naruto. "After training today you're teaching us the dispel."

"Alright!" Naruto cheered.

"Good -" *POOF* Kakashi's arrival was interrupted by him turning into a chicken, a three foot tall chicken wearing an eye patch and mask.

Naruto opened the cage. "Help me coral him."


The Hokage's laughter rang out attracting ** attention as he readied the day's mission scrolls. "Lord Hokage?" he asked curiously.

The Hokage waved Iruka forward. "Naruto told Kakashi to start training them or he'd start pranking him. Kakashi thought he was bluffing.

"How'd he turn him into a chicken?!" Iruka asked in shock.

The Hokage wiped tears of laughter from his eyes. "I have no idea," he admitted. "I'll have to ask him at lunch."

Typing by: Maltor!

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Posted: 2018-01-27 12:13:44 -6 gmt


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