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ADD/Hyper by: dogbertcarroll

Fandom: Naruto


Naruto spent a good half hour after his teammates arrived adjusting the multilayered trap of his own design that targeted exactly where their sensei always appeared.

"What are you doing, dobe?" Sasuke asked, curiously.

"I'm setting a trap," Naruto replied.

"I can see that," Sasuke said, rolling his eyes. "I mean, why are you trying to trap our jounin?"

"We've been a team for over a week now and what has he taught us?"

"I see your point," Sasuke said after a moment's thought. "So what do you hope to accomplish with this?"

"This is just to make a point," Naruto said pulling out three pairs of sunglasses. "For the flash tags," he explained.

"Thanks," Sasuke said.

"If he doesn't get the point, the next trap should get us a temporary instructor while he heals."

"Is this allowed?" Sakura asked uncharacteristically quietly, not wanting to interrupt Sasuke's conversation.

"As the jounin instructor of a genin team, he is responsible for everything we do, so it's literally his own fault," Naruto said with an evil grin.

"Hopefully he'll take the hint," Sasuke said, eyeing the multilayered trap and waiting for Kakashi's arrival.

It was nearly two hours later before Kakashi appeared in a swirl of leaves and immediately had to start ducking and dodging as kunai were launched, flash tags exploded, and several packages of previously prepared materials were launched. It took five minutes for the final trap to trigger, leaving Kakashi blinking spots from his eyes and coated in feathers and glitter that he'd been too slow to dodge. "And what was this about?" Kakashi asked, annoyed.

"I get bored," Naruto said. "Iruka would always give me something new to study to keep me from getting this bored, but it's been over a week and you haven't taught us anything."

"You're learning how to work together," Kakashi said, trying to brush himself off and discovering the glitter and feathers were glued in place.

"No, we aren't," Naruto disagreed. "Sasuke always says what he thinks we should do, Sakura squees and agrees, and I argue because I don't believe 'obey Sasuke' is the name of the game. Our behavior hasn't changed from day one and you have given us no training since day one. Doing chores isn't teaching us anything new. You're supposed to be awesome and know like a thousand techniques, but I've learned more from Mizuki in one day - and he hated me - than from you in an entire week. When are you going to start training us?"

"I am training you," Kakashi disagreed. "You are learning procedures."

"Iruka covered them in class, try again."

"None the less, training will follow my schedule, not yours," Kakashi said firmly. "Now come along, we have D rank missions to complete and I want to finish this book."

"Challenge accepted," Naruto said with a nod.

AN: Typing by Ordieth!

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Posted: 2018-01-27 12:13:44 -6 gmt


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