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Lantern Doctor by: Stephen

Fandom: Star Trek Voy / DC comics

"How's the mining going?" Janeway asked as she walked onto the bridge, customary cup of coffee in her hands.

"We're hoping that the large asteroid designated Beta 3 will have the minerals we need to manufacture the duranium casing for the replacement reactor as well as dilithium," Tuvok replied from his station

They'd been lucky to stumble upon this particular asteroid field which had just the right mix of resources to restock after having to dump the reactor down the gullet of a space worm before igniting it to blow the thing up.

The reactor supplied them with the superheated plasma they needed to operate everything, they had secondary reactors which worked to an extent but just couldn't supply the volume of plasma they needed, at the temperatures required to reach their rated cruising speed.

And, without the main reactor, they would be reduced them from the warp 6 explorer to a poorly equipped generational ship travelling at just under warp 3 and that was only with everything else turned off and minimal life support.

"Captain, I'm detecting what appears to be an escape pod lodged just below the surface of Beta 4, sensors show human DNA patterns," Ensign Sommers called from the sensors station.

"Is it intact Ensign?" Janeway asked, as she leaned over the railing on the bridge.

"There are micro-fractures and what appears to be a hull breach from the impact that lodged it there, but otherwise it's intact," the Ensign replied.

"Send a team over to excavate it," Janeway ordered.

Several hours later, the pod had been pulled into the shuttlebay, where a team of engineers were examining everything with every tool they could carry into the shuttlebay.

"Lieutenant, we've got a body in here," one of the engineers called out.

B'Elanna made her way over to the opening in the pod and leaned over to view the desiccated corpse of the escape pod's occupant.

"Good work, Ensign. B'Elanna to the doctor," Lieutenant Torres tapped her combadge and waited for the doctor's reply.

"Go ahead, lieutenant."

"We've recovered a body from the escape pod. I'm going to have the transporter's beam it up to the morgue off of sickbay," B'Elanna told the doctor.

"Whenever you're ready, Lieutenant, I'll be waiting in the morgue," the doctor replied.

A few moments later and the body shimmered in the blue field of the transporter beam before it disappeared.

The doctor was humming to himself as he examined the corpse, "Cause of death appears to be from blunt force trauma due to the impact, asphyxiation would've been secondary to the trauma. Patient appears to be a thirty-two year old human male, evidence of scarred tissue in lungs associated with a post-industrial world."

"Interesting artifact in the form of a ring on the middle finger, appears to be made out of a green metallic alloy, the symbol engraved is a ring with framed by a bar on the top and bottom," as the doctor made note of this, he pulled the ring off the man's finger to place it on the tray.

The ring activated and floated up before homing in on his own finger and reported, "Doctor of Voyager, you have been chosen. Welcome to the green lantern corps."

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