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Is that a Stargate? by: Stephen

Fandom: Stargate

Is that a Stargate leaning against the wall over there? You wonder.

You meandre through the warehouse carefully sticking to the cleared pathway until you reach it.

Yes, it's a Stargate, and there's a set of symbols already glowing on the Dialing device (DHD).

You find curiousity overwhelming as you reach over and press the central button. The Stargate vibrates in response, the inner ring spinning until suddenly it stops and a massive wave of energy errupts in a sideways giesser from what was empty space falling back into the ring revealing a smooth puddle.

With shaky steps, you approach the ring feeling more than a little excited at the prospect.

At the edge you trip and stumble falling into the puddle.

On the other side you find?

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Posted: 2018-01-27 12:13:44 -6 gmt


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