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Twinned by: Stephen

Fandom: Harry Potter

"Not Harry!" she screamed, "Take me and let him live."

For a brief surreal moment, the thought flit across her mind, ‘this is what we fear? He looks half-dead! This sorry excuse for a dark lord is what has been terrorizing the wizarding community?'

"Fine." The snake faced Riddle in his role as Lord Flight-From-Death spat the word with extreme distaste. ‘Stupid idiot potions master and his stupid request for a love toy.' the current terror of the british wizards thought vehemently to himself before shrugging mentally, ‘Well I didn't promise that she'd accept only that I'd try.'

"Avada Kedavra"

The green light rushed forth from his yew and phoenix core wand, and the most brilliant witch of her time crumpled.

In that one momentary flash of light an ancient rite was sealed. The difference between this killing and so very many others, the child's father empowered the prewritten runes with his death in defense of his family. His mother set forth the terms, her life in exchange for her sons', and Tom Riddle accepted with his one word and killing curse. But the magic was not complete just yet. Mr. Riddle turned to face the bright eyed tot holding the edge of his crib staring directly into the red eyes and ritually mutilated face of the once handsome Riddle.

In the boy's tiny hand was a polished stick of wood. His mother's wand had found it's way into his hands. He gurgled repeating words his mother and father had said before while waving their sticks.

Riddle sneered at the 15 month old.

"Avada Kedavra"

He intoned once again pointing his wand, this time at the child in the crib just as the boy said his own first spell.

"Tempi Duplica"

Not a spell used before and certainly not one that has been used since. It was a combination the word his mother used to display the time and the word his father used to create a second toy for him. The mind of the toddler in the crib didn't understand the words he'd just gurgled. Didn't know what he'd done.

In that moment, three quite powerful pieces of magic combined with unpredictable results. The rite of protections sealed with an oath of exchange one life for the other the first paid in acceptance of the conditions. The killing curse a bolt of verdant green charged with exotic particles and pure hatred collided with the protection, a curse designed to rip the ‘Ava' or in latin Anima, the mind and soul from the body without a mark. The last an unknown spell in a swirling ball of red and blue that at times shown forth purple, a compound spell relating to time and duplication. All three collided with a massive explosion flaring first green, then red, then blue, then white.

Tom's failure at that moment was to not realize that he had broken the terms of an ancient pact; the exchange of one life for another was his downfall. The protective magic reacted. A ray of white light struck forth from the ball vaporizing Lord Flight-of-Death, the irony of his chosen name he would be making quite the flight yes. His mutilated soul attempted to make its way to the only living body left in the room. The vaporous cloud of dark magic that represented his soul revealed the tattered split. Just as his soul was about to infect the bleeding rune on the child's forehead the magic of the protection flared forth and expelled him. His soul ripped and the jagged piece was left in the room, the protection flared again shredding the fragment that was attempting to embed itself into the wound on the child's forehead.

Thus a fourth piece of complicated magic joined the three. Soul magic, Time magic, Death magic, and Blood magic.

The light flared once more, and sunk into the rune. A faint glow shone forth and motes of magic radiated outward ignoring gravity as they faded the farther they went from the scar. The consequences of this complicated magic would not be seen until a day later, after the house had been cleared by the self proclaimed light lord, and his minion's following his persona of Albus Dumbledore.

A small minor remnant of the soul magic used by Tom would leave it's signature with the protective magic in the scar it would fade within a short time, however not fast enough to prevent Albus from detecting it. Albus in his head cackled in glee while outwardly putting on his grandfather face, sad face number two. Expressing the required emotions of sorrow at the lost of two brilliant individuals.

"My dear Minerva, Even if I could I wouldn't, why there's a scar above my left knee" He continued with his diversionary anecdote of how scars could be useful. Truthfully, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore wouldn't know for quite some time, if ever, just how useful this particular scar was. There was his personal view on the subject; that a fragment of Riddle's soul had lodged itself there, and in truth that would have been what happened if not for a few minor details. For crawling out from behind the crib at Godric's hollow shortly after Hagrid left, was another 15 month old toddler, one with the same green eyes and messy hair, as the one that left with hagrid not three hours earlier.

With a few short steps the little tyke stumbled upon voldemort's yew wand, a short step later, a slight trip over the robes and the yew wand snapped in twain, releasing a brief flicker of magical fire as the phoenix feather within burned the dark magic from itself destroying the yew wood and glowing with renewed energy.

Harry in body number two clapped his hands gleefully at the pretty light show. For with all that magic something strange happened at the stroke of midnight at the Dursleys Harry's scar glowed white again having soaked in the magic of a fifth complicated spell that of Dumbledore's wards on the Dursley home. The sixth piece of complicated magic to be added by Dumbledore just before he left, to the already unpredictable mass of arcane energy in the child's scar would have been his undoing had it not been overpowered by the blood protection which was beefed up by the time spell combined with the death spell. It was a core binding spell, his intent was to bind Harry's magic to where his accidental magic wouldn't be able to manifest until some years later, the added benefit for the old man's plan was that his magic wouldn't be able to effectively fight the soul fragment he assumed was in the scar. Unbound the old wizard had hypothesized that Harry's magic would either eat or expel the fragment if it was there as he assumed, and if expelled from the boy then his plan for the perfect sacrifice for the light would be pointless. Without both the fifth and sixth spells being cast, the magic within would have required another year of absorbing ambient and internal magic to solidify.

Harry was now living each day twice. Once in his body at the Dursley's and then again in a second body at Godric's Hollow. As young as Harry was, he was smarter than either of his parent's realized. He understood that Wormy was sick, he even saw the dark magic leaking from the mark on wormy's arm. That was why he had consistently pranked the rat, and why he pulled out his doggy toy and pulled the little tag that activated the spell his mother placed to call Sirius to the home.

Several miles away Sirius aborted his unwise chase of peter pettigrew, and apparated back to Godric's Hollow. He had been there the previous night when Hagrid had picked up his godson. But someone had activated the charm on his black dog plush toy that he'd given his godson.

He entered the house cautiously after conjuring a torch so his wand would be free to fight with. Walked up the stairs where as he stepped through the damaged door, he heard the soft crying of Harry. He thought Harry was safely away from here Hagrid's insistence that Dumbledore would ensure the boy's safety, all while taking him, the only thing he had left of his adoptive brother James and his honorary sister Lily. As he picked up the child who he found was holding a glowing red and gold phoenix tail feather, he felt as if a fog lifted from his brain. Why had he chased after the rat. Certainly the rat needed to be brought to justice. But everyone would think he betrayed them not the rat. especially with pettigrew lying dead in front of a crowd of muggles.

It was beyond stupid, and the fog of sorrow and rage, while he was still angry and sad over the traitor, his godson was more important. He picked him up and was about to apparate when his godson spoke.

"Unca Pafoo! Momma not wake up!" Harry spoke between crying tears.

Sirius looked at his godson who up until this point had been content to only say nonsense words or simple words like their names, or one word descriptives of what he needed. Sirius was shocked at the sudden verbose, if still childish, speech patterns of his godson.

Deciding there was no time for worrying about the hows and holding tightly to his Godson, he apparated to Frank and Alice's, the only other people who knew that he was Harry's godfather and not the secret keeper.

It took him a few minutes to explain the situation to them, until they understood what he was trying to say. They placed him with their son Neville and restored the fidelius they had just removed. This time they adjusted it so instead of hiding the house, it hid the information that they lived here, and that Harry was here as well.

They had just finished when four death eaters apparated through the wards landing with confused expressions. The reason why they were there having been plucked from their minds as they landed. The two auror's and mediwitch turned to face the invaders. They made short work of the confused death eaters. having them stunned bound and just a bit mutilated as the cutting curses that Sirius and Frank had fired took off their wand arms at the elbow and shredding their sleeves revealing their marked arms.. Frank floo'd to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement with his captives. Not wanting to leave Alice alone to look after the two toddlers, Sirius and Alice took Neville and Harry to Amelia Bones' to submit an official testimony to the head auror and get the search going for Pettigrew.

Sirius left The Ossuary feeling drained, Amelia had thoroughly examined his testimony using a ministry certified witness recording quil and specially charmed parchment. Charmed to be unmodifiable after being used. She grilled him both with and without veritaserum. causing him to reveal several embarrassing pranks he'd pulled throughout school, and reveal his feelings for her as the one witch that he could never charm. If only he knew how close his flattery got to her heart.

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