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The merchant's wares by: Stephen

Fandom: Displaced

There's a variety of objects for sale on the table arranged in nifty little groups as they relate to a fandom.

You lean over to examine the options.

There are military BDUs with those Velcro patches that attach to the opposing Velcro side on the uniform. The uniforms are in plastic cellophane wrapping with stickers indicating the sizes, and they just happen to have several in your size.

The options for the Velcro patch provide a larger variety though. Some of them show a Chevron and a number, while others have things like NASA - experimental research, and more.

Next to that is a selection of detailed sci-fi weaponry, from an argosian stun blaster to the zat gun. There's a variety of trinkets each with nicely labeled price tags. There's a bunch of temporary tattoos and is that a magic girl Lyrica staff?

You reach into your pocket and check on the amount you had budgeted today, it looks like you could afford a few of the items.

The man behind the booth looks at you for a moment before he leans forward and says, "take a moment to be sure of what you want, I have to leave shortly so won't be able to offer any refunds."

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Posted: 2018-01-27 14:42:12 -6 gmt


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