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More training! the path of a Justice League member is fraught with peril! by: jean5

Fandom: Ranma / DC Universe

It had been months since this new O-sensei, Ranma Saotome, as he called himself had started training Batman.

He had started the training by proving to him that conventionally accepted "humans limits" were a sham, and that a sufficiently well-trained and determined, or in his case vengeful normal human being could do thing that common sense reserved to meta-humans, aliens and other uncommon entities.

The training that followed this demonstration was harsh, it was expected, but the difficulty sometimes managed to go into even Bruce's unflappable nerves.

Running chased after wolves while wearing heavy weights was only the start. Ranma had said that this first run was running speed training. The following one were he did the same thing three day straight without break was made to train stamina.

Then Ranma decided to add awareness training to the basic exercise by launching boulders at him at high speed without any warning.

Then there was a training with which Bruce was much more familiar: sparring. Ranma liked to test and improve is combat abilities by sparring very frequently, and proved to be an infuriating sparring partner: he rarely bothered to parry an attack, almost always managing to dodge with only minimal movements, and worse, while the indication he gave to Bruce were helpful at bettering his technique, every single of them was worded as an insult.

And those insults were tailored to get to Bruce's mental weak-points, Ranma justified the abuse by saying it was "mental endurance training".

Bruce was forced to admit it worked.

Suggested Titles to continue:

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* Meanwhile, at the Justice League.

* Meanwhile in Nerima.

* Something else.

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Posted: 2018-01-27 13:05:09 -6 gmt


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