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Alternative Hogwarts by: Stephen

Fandom: Harry Potter

And then, there were the classes. While Harry knew that there was more to magic than saying fancy words and waving a stick; his classes in magic that first week drove the point home. From the first Herbology class with Professor Sprout.

The lecture portion of the herbology lesson was presented in the largest greenhouse with everyone seated in wrought iron, wire-framed chairs, behind wooden tables that each held clay pots and dirt.

"It has fallen upon my class to relay to you information that will be of import in other subjects," said Professor Sprout. "In here, you will learn to treat every plant with respect. From the most mundane flower, to my most dangerous tentacula."

There was some snickering from the direction of a dark haired boy on the far side of the greenhouse.

"Mister Zabini, I take it you wish to volunteer your services this evening reviewing the basic safety lessons?" said Professor Sprout.

"No, professor," said Blaise Zabini.

"That wasn't a request, Mister Zabini. I only give one warning. Herbology is as dangerous a subject as any other taught at this school, and you will respect that or find yourself short one of the primary subjects required to graduate," said Professor Sprout. "Now then, to start with we will first examine the properties of the Elysian Asphodel. Who can tell me one of the properties of the asphodel."

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