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Co Springs, SGCon by: Stephen

Fandom: Stargate

A group of teens find a cloaked scoutship on their way to comic-con colorado springs. While admiring the vessel parked in a field a few blocks away from the convention center. The back opens and a Goa'uld exits the ship. They watch as the Goa'uld presses a few buttons on a control panel and the cloak activates. The group of teens following the goa'uld, run into O'Neill. He overhears their comments about the incredibly realistic costume of the goa'uld, and the impossibility of the cloaking device, where-upon he learns of the existence of this comic, and this Goa'uld infiltrator.

Meanwhile, the Goa'uld has made it into town and is now being continuously complimented on his costume. The Goa'uld's ego is appeased by the commentary on how stunning he looks in his skimpy egyptian prince outfit, for a while anyway. The NID and the goa'uld infiltrator both converge on the convention. The NID don't know the goa'uld is there yet, they're there to investigate the report of a potential breach of secrecy. Shenanigans ensue.

O'Neill is on his cellphone calling in the potential foothold and getting all available hands on deck that he can.

On the other end of the stick, the group of teens splits up sending three of their number back to the field with the scout-ship to see if the instructions on how to work the scout's systems are correct.

The three teens dressed in military cosplay with a stylistic embroidered unit patch labelling them as SG-50, with O'Neill point out the potential goa'uld agent currently surrounded by a group of convention-goers dressed up in pseudo-Jaffa armor, with what looks like a triforce tattoo on their foreheads. Some of which are arguing if they should be following the goa'uld as they thought the Jaffa were supposed to be in a resistance movement. Other's are happily playing as in-character servants to their new lord.

Meanwhile, the other three teens, are back at the ship, and they're having some trouble finding their way to the door until one of them mentions the trick in issue number 24 where Colonel O'Brian throws dirt at the cloaked ship to reveal it. The first few tries are nothing, and the wind manages to blow some of the sand and dirt right back at them, eventually they find the ship. Feel their way to the control panel, and start to fumble with the keys. Our third member of the team steps back and un-slings his backpack to rummage within it.

Caitlin is about to give him a hard time about deciding to take a break while they're working on the puzzle until Brandon jumps up with a comic-book in hand shouting "Ah-hah"

Brandon quickly relates the reason why he's doing a jig over the comic book pointing out the panel where one of the characters is commenting on how the goa'uld have absolutely no sense of computer security, as they all use the same passwords on everything. He quickly reads out the keys to press to open the door. While their other companion, John-Patrick "JP" White feels his way around the keypad to entering the given combo.

The door slides open, revealing a door shaped hole in mid air leading into the ship. The three enter.

Back at the convention, the NID are swifty getting on everyone's nerves, as the comic also happens to feature a similar alphabet soup group going by the acronym, FID. Coincidentally, none of the other convention-goers want to have much to do with them. There are a few FID cosplayers running about though, some of which inadvertently use NID code phrases with the real agents.

SG1 arrives

"Let me help you," Brandon said in a painfully earnest voice.

"It's not your job," O'Neill started.

"Colonel, I've been geeking out over GateBattles since I was 5, I know the plans for this ship backwards and forwards. Let me help," Brandon said.

"Colonel O'Neill, do you not trust the abilities of this young tau'ri?" Teal'c asked.

"No, Teal'c. I don't, because he's just a kid, and shouldn't be involved in something like this."

Teal'c raised an eyebrow.

"I just know I'm going to regret this," O'Neill muttered passing a radio to Brandon.

"Yes!" Brandon crowed jumping up and down before he noticed what he was doing and sobered up. "Right then it looks like a model CA3-TT1 class Star vessel from issue 13. Key features of note are the cloaking device and vastly upgraded hyperdrive, also..." Brandon trailed off looking to his compatriots and O'Neill. "No, you shouldn't need to deal with it."

"What," O'Neill asked, patience growing thin.

"The chompers, there's the direct route to the engine room, and then the indirect route. The indirect route is the one that wraps around the ship before entering the engine room, but it's on the outer edge of the hull, and one little explosion or space battle and it can lose atmosphere. The direct route goes through this," Brandon brandished the page of the comic book showing an positively ridiculous set of gears, mashers, gouts of flames, slicers, and hammers all interrupting a fairly straight corridor with a door at the end.

"It's a maintenance shaft, for servicing the gears and the conduits for power and data leading from the bridge to the engines."

"Absolutely not," O'Neill said.

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